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Dobbin (pic heavy)

The rain here can make leisure a bit difficult. Many of the banks of the Loughs and Rivers being inaccessible for fishing due to flooding. So a small boat was sought out. The price of second hand boats here are away with the Fayrees. So when a bargain in poor condition with an equally poor trailer came up, it was snatched up.  Herself said that before I have a boat, she was to get a Horse. So as a compromise, I got a boat called Dobbin.
First the rotten timber was removed and the good timber cleaned up.

The Dulux layers were removed and holes/damage repaired

A couple of coats of undercoat applied.

Followed by a couple of coats of top coat

The new wood work put on. The interior given some coats of paint as well.

The refurbished woodwork reinstalled.

Launch day

A miss calculation of about 1mm was made on the Brass plate to mount the outboard on. So it wouldnt fit! Luckily the electric Trolling motor did.

To top a good day, I caught the skinniest Pike in Ireland.



Glad you both came to a compromise.

Looks like you made a cracking job of repairing the boat.

Hope your next post shows a whooping great pike, taken while fishing from her.

WOW that is a great job so well done too as border said next the big one, thanks for taking us through the job with you

"Herself said that before I have a boat, she was to get a Horse. So as a compromise, I got a boat called Dobbin. "

That cracked me up- I really LOL'd and its 2.55 in the AM!!! (i'll bet the neighbours spang up in their bed!! ) 

You should have used the skinny pike as bait for something a bit.... er.... bigger!!!

Cheers, John  

EdIt- Forgot to say- you did a great job of the boat  

A top top post Diz. Thats a fantastic project you've completed and seeing your pictures may have given me a timely kick up the you know where to finish my dinghy off.  

What a brilliant project and well restored.
You'll have to give it a better name than Dobbin now!

Dobbin. A bit like me, slow but reliable.

A lovely job !!! well done , she is just superb!!

Thanks for showing us the restoration of Dobbin - your post has been put in the Best Post section of the OTG forum Home Pages with the title of 'A Boat called Dobbin'

A great job looks ace
Had a rocking horse called dobbin as a sprog rode it till it fell apart
keep the name it suits an old boat like that
Rare one

Is it not bad luck to change the name of a boat?

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