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Do you think they use roadstuds?

If not - they should!/pages/The-loose-horse-at-the-royal-wedding/145236995544931?sk=wall

Reports say this horse threw its rider, but this photo says otherwise. Could have been nasty.

I would be very surprised if they didnt use some sort of road nails or studs, but event then they dont stop a horse from slipping on the modern road surfaces. Thank heavens it wasnt any nastier


Would be very surprised if studs werent used. Perhaps the guard forgot to put them in   Doesnt look like chucked rider to me either.

Not a horsey person but I do know special shoes were developed with a lip edge so as when a house was pulling a cart up a cobble hill in the rain it gripped the lip of the cobble.


Hard tarmac and a slippy surface from weeks of oil deposits and no rain to speak of and studs aren't going to be a 100% slip prevention device. Having known a couple of ex Household Cavalry I doubt they forgot to put them in.

I doubt they forgot them either, be more than their life's worth let alone career (can just hear the Corporal of the Horse ripping them a new a***hole )


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