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Do you remember the time ?

Do you remember the time when everyone had this sort of sink? And then then the time when everyone who was anyone got rid of them ?
Well these days, as you know, they've come very much back in vogue and quite hard to get hold of. In fact, I've been after one for ages and this afternoon, I dropped on this little beauty in a junk shop for just twenty quid.
Many thanks to good old Twyfords, a good old Staffordshire Pottery firm which was sh*t on all over the world.
I want to fit it in our shower block, where I'll be able to use it to mix my pig food, clean my dirty boots, skin rabbits and pluck pheasants. Then I might just have a chance of earning a few Brownie points with Karen, by not bringing my ' man' type stuff to do in the house. The poor woman's had a lifetime of it. smile emoticon:)
My new old sink be ideal for the job but only if I can come up with a plan to make a frame for it and work out how to fashion some kind of draining board to go with it. It's damned heavy.
By the way, if you remember using these sinks the first time around, then it probably means you're an old fart like me.


i remember them well.. ours had a wooden draining board with large hooks  and supports underneath. my youngest brother was bathed in it many a time.
you got a good deal there  
Yorkshire Geordie


thats the type...

Our kitchen had two of them, one very much deeper than the other, they were supported on cast iron legs and there was a cast iron frame that stuck up between the two that was meant to take a wringer. The wringer clamped onto the bracket/frame when it was needed for laundry.
The deep sink was a brilliant thing, I wish I had it now.


Yorkshire Geordie wrote:

That's exactly the set up I have in mind, with the addition of perhaps having a couple of shelves beneath the sink.

with some nice old type brass taps it will look great.

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