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Do you ever have problem with noisy neighbours ?

Its not a problem for these people.

This is well worth a read and then a time to ponder.

Its not a life that would suit me or many other people but wow !!!!!!

For starters, I don't get on that well with my own company.
Yorkshire Geordie

It seems a smashing lifestyle when you read through it and look at the pictures.  
I couldn't live there because I, nowadays, seem to be constantly at the doctors or chemist.
I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes around 1973, shortly after I married in 1970.
I have now had diabetes longer than I haven't and I need a steady supply of insulin, needles, test strips, monitoring equipment and stuff.
Much as it seems attractive, their lifestyle would be highly improbable for me.
Besides, I would sorely miss a pint and chat with pals.

Oh yes, I'd definitely miss the pints.

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