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Do they know?

earlier on this week, Wednesday, Found one of my Daughter's pet rabbits dead.
No apparent reason.
One other in the hutch and run, now hardly eating at all.
Mutly who often lies at the side of the run, just watching them in the past, now lies there whimpering. Very gently. Flo, the remaining rabbit sits close by, at the edge of the run.
You tell they know?

At least Pepper is now running free.....

I'm sure they miss them   Meg goes everywhere looking for Angel just like she did when the others died and she is scared that she is going to go off some where too so needs lots of cuddles which is very easy  

It's a shame about Pepper

The one's that are left behind do seem to know that something has changed and miss their companion but they do seem to get over it.

so very sorry about Pepper.

Yes I think they do know.  Get another rabbit as soon as - apart from anything else it will occupy Pepper and give her something else to think about.

Sorry bout little Pepper .

Like Kaz, I think they know something is up, however, ours always seemed to get over the loss pretty quickly.

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