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Do I, don't I...?

Yet again my veggie plot is overrun with weeds and couch grass. Yet I still have this yearning to put seeds into pots. Sensible head says spend this season clearing and preparing properly for next year as never enough hours in the day. Spring body clock says grow grow grow......but I doubt the beds will be ready when things need planting out.....Should I just sell all the livestock and kids and use the proceeds to hire a housekeeper so I can have a lovely growing season.....

I was faced with the same problem after neglecting my vegetable garden for a few years.
My solution was to concentrate on a small manageable area to plant a few quick and easy vegetables (for me chard and climbing beans). The rest was either covered over with old sheets of roofing as movable mulch or covered by pumpkin vines planted in a few small piles of compost.
Once I had got a start I did not feel so daunted by the task and have been gradually getting it back into production.

Simple answer DO.
I very much go with Redbelly, cover as much of the area to be planted out as possible.
Use sheet material to cover, be it roofing sheets, tarpaulin or plastic.
Concentrate on one area at a time, say 4ft wide by 8-10-12ft long.As and when each bed is ready and planted out, then is the time to start the next.
Seeing each bed complete will spur you on and can be done in your own time..

Best of luck and happy growing, its all well worth the effort and does not have to be completed in one day

I read a book on "square foot gardening " which is like both above but for all time: mark out garden in foot squares, work up and plant 1 then do next and so on three things happen (1) each is done quick (2) early veges are done first and so on (3)you can plant and harvest a week at a time so always have them coming on. I think it is a great idea and maybe nextyear I will do that. Every year I say the same  

I have trouble digging cos of my arm, so when he's visiting I get The Lad to clear the beds for me, then I cover them with I grow seedlings on in pots/trays then plant them into the beds through holes I cut in the cloth.

And yes yet another way to do it...its always worthwhile  


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