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Disturbing day out

I went into chelford Monday a mistake as I forgot about Bank holiday traffic, but was a bit non plussed as to a couple of things I saw while I was there.
On a day when the place was filled with the general public there was a culled sow looking like she was fitting with mouth gaping and whole body shaking and in obvious distress. While this could have come on at the market in my opinion she should have been shot on farm. She'd only make 10 quid why put the animal through the trauma and drag the image of farming down as well, confirming all the negative stuff the public gets from the media. Also a line of dogs for sale some tied some in cages most looking bewildered and or frightened. I understand sheep dog sales etc but these were lap dogs and mongrels in the main. I really couldn't see the point of putting dogs up for sale in that way and 'proving' to the public all farmers are bothered about is the last quid and to hell with good stockmanship or animal welfare.
Farmings had some good press lately with more and more of the public becoming aware and being prepared to pay for good produce. Be shame to set it back for the sake of selling a ten quid pig or a mongrel for a bait dog  

I used to go to Chelford a lot and I've never seen dogs sold there. I'm surprised and disgusted that they've stooped so low.

I wish I hadn't read that, but you're spot on Rhino.

It's not good is it.
Rick & Carol

that's horrible. More than anything else with our livestock whether a hen destined for the table or loved family pet is welfare

A bad day all round

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