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I've hunted with dogs for most of my life but this is a side of things you don't want to see, but at the same time you must see.
Yes the pictures are from Spain but in the UK equally subnormal people treat their dogs in a similar fashion.

Warning, this link contains images that are bound to upset people

  Just been over to my mate next door and his pig hunting dogs were playing in the back yard   all strong and healthy,well fed if they were not they would be no good at catching wild pigs.

It never fails to amaze me how anyone who works dogs , ever thinks that they will get the best from any working dog without showing it respect, I was brought up around working animals and was always taught that they came first, after a days work the dogs were always fed and bedded down before we were , i have always had dogs who were past working but enjoying a happy retirement, and i honestly believe that the workers picked up on this and gave me their best, I consider myself a countryman and have no qualms about hand rearing any animal and ending up slaughtering it to put in the pot, but the one thing i know is that during any animal in my care's life it has been treated with care and respect.

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