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Different dog owners

I picked up an elderly border collie, that was causing havoc on the main A499 on Saturday evening. She'd been narrowly missed a few times, and the light was fading.
I managed to flag down a guy to help me put her on the backseat of my car, and as the vets weren't open to scan her, I drove her home to spend a couple of hours in my stable till the vet returned from a call.
The scan revealed she'd travelled about 7 miles! Unfortunately no reply from the owner's phone, but the vets kept her till they could be contacted.
The vets finally managed to contact them late this afternoon (Monday), THEY DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS MISSING!!

Compare that to the owner who spent 750 hiring a helicopter to search for her dog. That, unfortunately didn't have a happy ending as the dog was found drowned on a beach just along the coast from here.

I've seen the story of the people that hired the helicopter to try to find their missing dog  

I was only saying to Bodger yesterday that we don't see loose dogs around here and the only ones that we DO see tend to be border collies that look as though they are making their own way home to their farms - they must be a very difficult dog to keep as a pet.

kaz wrote:
we DO see tend to be border collies that look as though they are making their own way home to their farms - they must be a very difficult dog to keep as a pet.

Border Collies are too damn clever by at least half if not more. Oz is as clever as a 3 or 4 year old child, and acts just like one if he does not get his way......................... his favourite method of acting up is to starfish on the floor/ground and act as a floppy anchor.

I accept that border collies are escapologists, but to not notice one was missing for 3 days is bordering on negligence, even for a farm dog. I hope the vets charged them for bed and board.

She'd probably travelled across country, and with lambing time upon us she could well have been shot before she did her best to get run over.

Gareth - I've got a cat like that - he goes all floppy and becomes welded to the ground if he doesn't want to be picked up.

We have had them as working dogs and if no work they had to be locked up (inside house) but most fantastic dogs as said too smart by half we love them but don't have enough work for one now so have older heading dog. If we don't see our dogs for more than few minutes we call and go looking  
Northern Lass

Mine are whippets and we've re-fenced the garden to avoid them straying - there wouldn't be a cat in the village if they got loose! They also don't go off the lead unless I know exactly what they're going to chase i.e. legal quarry where I have permission to run them and no other critter in the field. because it's very hard to explain to a sheep that the dog heading for them at 35mph is only after the rabbit by the far hedge....

3 days without noticing your dog's missing is unforgiveable.

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