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Did your parents............

.................ban you from anything as a child?

My parents wouldn't allow us to have ice creams before Easter
We had to go to bed at a certain time even if we were in the middle of watching a TV programme.

What memories does this bring back for you?

As a youngster we also had to be in bed at a certain time...
Me being the eldest..allowed to stay up later than Bro' and Sis'....
BUT! were no better cos' outside the front of our house ...
was the biggest ever oak tree...

where all my mates would play!!!  

right outside our, Bro' and my bedroom window....  

"Will you get to sleep NOW ".........      "Yeah! ok! Ma"
brummie nick

I remember my Mother not wanting me to join the library, said she didnít like the idea of books coming into the house, that other people might have coughed and sneezed on.
She did change her mind in the end though


We weren't allowed bubble gum until over the age of 10.  

Wasn't allowed to have my ears pierced until I left school so guess what I did on my last day at school when we finished at midday?  Yep, went straight into town and got my ears pierced  

Not allowed to leave the table until we'd finished our plates and had to ask 'may I leave the table?'
Had to go to bed at 7pm (until I was 9),.........although my mum went to evening classes on a Tuesday night, and dad would let m stay up a little later.  He woke me up one night to watch the Ali: Fraser fight live on the telly and told me I was watching history............

I wasn't allowed to play with a boy up the the top because "He looked dirty"
Of course, I did and was forever getting caught out.

I wasn't allowed to cycle to the end of our road in case something came around the corner at the end too fast.  Bearing in mind that the road had seven houses on it and was just a private unmade-up drive really, I flaunted the rule every day during the summer.  How else was I to get to the field at the end with all the sweetcorn growing??    

Mine banned me from watching the Beverly Hillbillies.  

Seems they thought that Ellie Mae was a bad influence.

But they made it good and Ellie Mae had a great pair of .......................


Really loved Gran' Ma.

Bit like East Londoners actually.
Listen to this:-

'e aint a cock sparra but we took the songs in on a Saturday night in the boozer.

We was into recycling though.

Translation: Brand new tile.
A new hat.

Just to finish the night.

My mother used to make me wear a liberty bodice, it used to take ages to put on and off with all those hooks and eyes.

What was worse than wearing the blooming thing was not being allowed to take it off until May had finished.  I remember even now feeling absolutely roasted on nice hot May days.

We were banned from cake in the week also, only had it on a Saturday!  Suppose it was down to lack of funds, but still wasnt nice if you fancied a piece on a week day.

Chewing or bubble gum-not a problem really and I now loath the stuff!

Grange Hill-not a good influence!!  

I wasn't allowed to have my ears pierced before 14 years old, so what did I ask for my 14 birthday for a present...
When I lived a short time at my foster parents, I wasn't allowed to watch the Young Ones becuase that series should be a bad influence...

I'll be back in a bit, probably Monday, quite a long list if I could only remember them    

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