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Did you or your family ever own one of these?

I went down to the local historic vehicles show this morning, there were old farm implements which will appear on another section but there were also old cars and motorbikes which certainly took me back to my youth. Did you or your family ever own one of these? Enjoy.

Don't you still wish you'd got that favourite car of yours?

Now those images bring back  good memories.

My first car was a moggy estate, hand painted the same colour as the front door of Mum and Dads house......

I've had two mini coopers and 1 cooper "S"

Escorts........ a Mexico and a RS 1800.

The old man had a JPS Carpi.......great in a straight line, but cr#p on corners.

Some great looking cars there...mate, what make and model is your new camera?.........takes good images.

My first car was an Austin 1100 in british racing green. The car was older than me but was in immaculate original condition. The only "ropey" bit about it was the carpet - so I re-carpeted it in avocado coloured shagpile! It did me for my first 2/3 years driving and was 100% reliable. I loved that car!

Uncle had wood Moggy rest of family have had Cortinas Escorts and the hate of my life a Capri i can,t stand them

My first car was nearly a Bedford CA, with the Dormobile interior removed, instead I went for a Marina 1.3 Coupé... Mrs Bore's first car was a Mini 1275GT, that was a fun car to chuck around country lanes, 'till the engine seized on the approach ramp to the Bull Ring in Brum, at 8:30 on a Monday morning I used my warrant card to persuade a West Mids Traffic Sergeant to tow us back to the Nurses home with a Police Landrover .

Most of them but a MK1 Capri 3litre GT. 1960 mini 850, A40Farina,  Motor bikes were AJS,BSA,Triumph, Jawa. plus others like Holdens, Ford Folcons and Valiants  

I had a triumph herald, 3l capri, viva, escort mk2, mini 1275 a maxi and other heaps, bikes were a Bonnie, AJS 350, Norton commando, francis barnet, my first bike was a BSA bantam 175 D14.  

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