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Did you have a nickname at School ?

Mine was Tommy due to my surname. and it wasn't Trinder either.
Did you have a nickname when you were at school that you dare tell us about and did it stick with you in later life ?

Not going to mention school but at work it was Burt.
Jnr. has got the same in the Army.

No, but talking of army nicknames, my brother's was Murph - because he's got a face like a potato  

My main one was "Ratty" wich sorta stuck for years... apparently 'cos of my temper
(can't mention the other one cos it's rudddddddddde!!! )

Linquorice All Short, due to a pink, white and black striped jumper I wore.

Don't wear pink any more.

called doughnut at my first job then it got changed to pilsbury doughboy at my next one and that has stuck for 16 years, and I still get post addressed to Pilsbury from friends back then

Massey Ferguson due to surname. Rabbit due to.............the grumpy rabbit on WTP and I have a bunny tattoo. Monkeybum because my face goes red like a monkey's ar5e. My OH is calling me Kungfu Panda atm cos I got sunburnt with shades on.

mine was miss diane when i was about 12.( miss diane was in crossroads )..then it went to goldie....( goldie hawn )....i resembled both of them so i was told....  

Well I reckon Mogatron would be more like a "Benny".
mrs tiggywinkle

  At school my nick name was beetroot!!!!!  I was so shy that when anyone spoke to me I just went bright red !!!!!


As my name is Donna, you can see why I was called Kebab. However, the e-less came about because I didnt actually have any..


I got Kirk  for quite a while when I was 10+ due to the fact that I was a tomboy and loved Star Trek so instead of the childhood shortening of Kirsten to Kirst it went to Kirk instead.

Nowadays I am frequently referred to as Krusty.  

No it's none of the ideas your twisted minds might be dreading, it's because I told one of my friends in the pagan community that I would answer to anything except Kirsty (I have a deep loathing of the scottish habit of shortening names like Kirsten etc. to Kirsty).

So in true Bob-style he settled on Krusty which is close enough to Kirsty for me to know exactly why he was calling me it, but not, so I had no excuse not to answer. LOL! He knew me so well!  

It stuck and to this day there are many peeps that know me as Krusty. A few people didn't actually realise that the two names were the one and the same person till I confirmed it!

And online I have been Eschra since I was 18 = it's the name I use in pagan rituals etc.

With a surname like Stalker, I'll leave you to guess all the comments I've had over that one all these years.

O deer!

Bazzer wrote:
O deer!

Much more original than most responses Bazzer    

wiggy but as most of my hair was left on the pillow so thats name like the hair didn't last.

Well as my initials are T.C guess wot I was called at skool  


My nickname was Gregory Peck and it was because of my surname being Gregory and then Olive Oil because I had legs like her, or so they said!   :evil9:

Kids can be rotten Gwen.

Specky four eyes-how original-since I wore glasses from being 4 yrs old.  Then it became radar rims since I got a huge bright red pair of specs- a la Timmy Mallet!  Then real name became shrotened to Ron at around 18 yrs old and it has stuck ever since!  

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