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Devon County Show

Anyone going this year?  We thought we might pop along and let Solly have a look around.

Gosh is it nearly that time already.

may have to go wife may be riding

ooooo - well its a toss up with us as to what comes first - the pigs or the horses!  If you fancy meeting up there let me know what day you will be going and we will try for the same day - although we don't usually do the saturday if we can help it

will do! as and when i'm told i'll let you know!
Yorkshire Geordie

16th to 18th May this year.  

This is a to the web page.


Just had the poultry show entry forms for Royal Cornwall Show.
This will be my last show in my working capacity I think - I dont think I will have a paid job after Christmas (at least not with the college).

So - apart from the personal satisfaction of getting a couple of nice coloured cards and about 2 prizemoney per class -  Im still thinking about the effort involved in getting the birds ready for it.

well after asking HRH what day she's going and getting no real answer i've just booked all 3 days off work may have to go on the first day and see what poultry is for sale!!!!!

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