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Demon Red ?

I've grown three chilli plants in the poly this year and they look to be ready for picking and drying.
One was a Cayenne pepper and these are the other two.

I'm tempted to take some of these down to the pub this evening and offer some of my drinking buddies the opportunity to take part in some sort of chilli challenge. Knowing them how I do, I reckon they'll be daft enough to try anything.

Here are the plants ready for picking this afternoon.

Scotch Bonnet.


Denon Red.

What a lot I've got! I'll definitely make sure that I wear gloves when I pick them. I once had a nasty incident.

No good for me, can't do chilli at all! Makes me ill.

I like the taste of chilli, but I can't stomach the heat these days  
I developed a tummy ulcer with the anti-inflammatories I need for RA.
It's a bit of a b*gger to be honest.

Your crop looks worth drying or freezing Bodger should see you through the year nicely  

I'd love a chilli with taste and just a tiny edge of heat to it.


Toilet paper in the fridge time

I'm still picking. I got this bucket full of peppers and the chillis from the poly this morning. The chillis have just been put into the airing cupboard to dry.


Yum yum!

Your chillies look lovely Bodger, i shall have to 'branch out' and try other varieties, they really are so good for you, although some people cannot take to them.
I aim to try 'grafting' two types of chilli this year, the 'Komodo Dragon', with the 'Thai Birdseye', an interesting hybrid i cannot wait to try!

I've not heard of grafting chillis, what do you actually have to do?

Incidentally, I don't think I'd bother with the Demon Reds again. They're far too small and fiddly.

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