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Dehydrating Garlic

This is my preferred method of storing garlic for long term use. I have an electric dehydrator that does a wonderful job drying food/herbs for me. Not sure if there is such an item in your part of the world...but if there is, it pays for itself in no time. Next project is a batch of beef jerky.

Prep for the trays:

Ready to close in the dehydrator:

I'll add post dehydration pics with grinder that I use.

I want one!    

Nice excalibur, we do have dehydration but they tend to be expensive, a 9 tray excalibur is normally around 200.
Hope the jerky goes well for you. I make 10 flavors commercially so if you need any help just give me a shout.

I want one too


Does the garlic dehydrate to a friable consistency that is easily crushed into a powder, or does it remain as flakes that rehydrate quickly?

Gareth, it can be,done either way, if you blend,the dried crushed garlic again It becomes,a powder or you can keep it as granules that will rehydrate in the cooking.
Want me to make you some of both to try and bring them up with me?

Hi Tony,

Oh! yes please mate. I was thinking along the lines of making my own blended mixed powdered spices.

See you in a couple of weeks or so mate......... really looking forward to seeing how much Aaron has grown since last June.

Hey Gareth, yep! I have a friend that makes soup/stew veggie bases via the dehydrator. I definitely like being able to mix and match my own herbs and spices for use!

Pilsbury! I'd love anything you'd like to share...I am still a very much a novice with the jerky making!  Thanks!

Here is the garlic dried (dry time approx 8 hrs) and the grinder capped jar that I use for the finer grinds that I use on home made foods.

And here are a few of the veggies that are left from our winter store:
Cherry tomatoes; Carrots; Early Egyptian onions

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