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Dave C

Deformed chicks

As you know I've had a very bad hatch due to clear eggs and the Incy packing up on me.
I got 4 eggs from 30  
I had to dispatch 1 chick as its leg bent backwards instead of forwards.
And this chick should of been dispatched at the same time as it struggles putting weight on it leg but it's improving slightly and I'm routing for it as I only have 3 of these Indian Game  
I've repaired splaid legs and bent toes and I think I'm clutching at straws

But what do you think ??


Only time will tell and it's hard to see just how bad they are from still photos.
It's a shame that the incubator went wrong.
Dave C

I know mate I'm doing 1 more batch but it will have to be quite late in August due to working away, so will hope for a better hatch then.

Will give this little one another week then decide, don't want to keep it for breeding if it's not 100%

A bad bird eats as much as a good bird and takes up the same amount of room too.
Late summer hatched birds are OK with me. I don't show birds, which is why many folks hatch ridiculously early and August hatched birds get plenty of heat and daylight hours to catch up with their earlier hatched brethren.

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