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Decoy in a Larsen

has anyone successfully used a magpie decoy in a larsen trap?  I'll not be able to pick up a call bird for a while so was thinking of maybe using a deek rather than doing the nest/eggs trick - I might as well try something whilst I can get a bird in it.

I haven't tried it. This year I was lucky, because i managed to catch a young magpie that came into the trap for eggs and egg shells.

Worth a try Jonty, have you got a FUD decoy, they are much better (imho)

I would carry on with the eggs mate, unless you have a call back plastic decoy, not sure a magpie will fall for a non calling plastic jobbie.

If you're going to use a plastic dec, then I think a flocked one would be best.

Cheers chaps, not all that a sparkling deek so eggs it is.....

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