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Dave C

Decisions decisions

I have ordered 20 Poulet Galouise Sasso hybrid chicks for a week on Saturday, which will kick off my table bird project again.  

As well as that I've been talking with local guys I have given Cockerels and old stock to over the years and called in some favours.
So I have the options of the following hatching eggs:-

Indian Game
Light Sussex
La Bresse
Cuckoo Marans

As well as them I've sourced:-

Sasso X Ixworth
Buff Orpington X Ixworth
Buff Plymouth Rocks
New Hampshire Reds
Buff Sussex

I'm looking for possibly 2 pure breeds which lay well and compliment the Sasso hybrids that I use in my table bird project to create a good laying sustainable table bird.

And then there's the dark layers project  


Proper and they've got to be proper Light Sussex.

The LS that I'm hatching right now are from hens of my own strain that have been running with a cock from those eggs that I had from the Hamms strain of utilty LS.
Dave C

The Light Sussex I have local originated from you John  

What you need is some of these eggs with the Fred Hamms blood. Then you can do what I'm doing, which is to breed back to my own strain.
Dave C

Well I'm not one for Facebook or Twitter & the like and I don't buy off the internet.
Being on here OTG is as much IT as I can handle  

But I've just bought something on eBay  

12 hatching eggs of Buff Plymouth Rocks
I think money has changed hands, ha

So we will see if they turn up next week.

I've never kept Buff Rocks, I'll be interested to see what they're like. Good hatching Dave.
Dave C

Thanks John 👍

The more I read about these New Hampshire Reds the more they sound like the perfect smallholder breed, but don't they all, ha.

Lay well, large eggs, feather up quick & mature early for table ready.

I've heard it all before or could it be a good starting point for my new ultimate duel purpose project?  

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