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DEBBIE....are you there DEBBIE

'cos I saw this and guess who I thought of????? It did have a very rude word in there, I was not sure if OTG would accept it, so I took it out.....


Was that with a lot of other dog ones? i saw them with out that word and thought that was   not as quick as you to think of Debbie

hahahah thanks conundrum. I'd really like to think that was probably a one off or even photo shopped but unfortunately been there on that one although in our case it was our matress and a feather duvet and yes our dane then, that was obviously totally innocent about the incident - after all I'd only left him for 15 minutes- was deacon, a harli......they are known as the delinquents of the dane world shortly followed by the blues (oh god).

I love it    

(and thanks for editing it )

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