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Debbie's leg

I have half a leg left from one of Debbie's pigs which I intend to cook on Saturday for some friends.  

What are your experiences and/or recommendations for slow roasting leg? I'd like to do something new!  

heading made me think it was about" Debbie's" leg   was worried

Sorry, I don't have a recipe - just an idea . . . would a jerked pork recipe suit the bill?

Ooohh.. that's a lovely idea!  I shall let you know what I tomorrow!

So in the end, I kept it very simple. I put the leg on a bed of onion and rosemary and roasted for about 3 hours.  It made a lovely gravy, and we had roast spuds and parsnips, cauli cheese and mashed swede.  

I made panna cotta for pud. Never done it before but it was a great success. I cheated and served it with a jar of bought fruit compote  

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