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Debbie - Rowen schnapps

I have found a uk link where you can purchase Brøndum schnapps.

Its alittle on the expensive side, but I personally think it's worth the price. I have also used a cheap bottle of vodka, that works as well, but of course will not have the schnapps firey taste.

I use a site called Danish schnapps recipes for ideas, then adapt to my liking, it has all sorts of stuff on it, that you might find useful.

If the out come is not to your taste there is also a section on how to correct it.

Scroll down until you find Rowan.

I am also very fond of Oak schnapps and its very easy to make, Crabapple is not bad either.

As you will see, you can also use vodka in most of these recipes if you so wish.

I spend hours and hours making some sort of schnapps always trying something new or trying to improve on what I did last year.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks Border, you'r a star   I'll let you know how I get on

That's really interesting--especially hawthorn schnapps,this year I've just done sloe gin and quince vodka but I've already made plans to try some of these next year. I'll have to be quick to get the rowans before the birds though--plenty of hawthorns left but they stripped the rowans before  I could make jelly

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