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Dealer servicing

My Subaru is due its 36,000 service. I thought id ring and check the Sub main dealer price - wait for it....£370!!!!!! Thats a huge amount to my mind. Is there any advantage in getting it done at the main dealer or would any competent garage do providing they could stamp my service record? We probably wont sell the car as I love it and am happy to keep it for 10 years if it lasts that long. Love Lizzie

As long as your local place will stamp the service record then get it done there - I always used an independant when I had an Audi - £100+ cheaper than the stealership for a service, and bigger jobs like cambelts were half the cost.

Edited to say: Get a quote from your local guy first, always worth checking just in case your main dealer has suddenly got sensible about servicing costs  

I say main dealer if you want to sell it as it'll reach a higher resale value.  But, if you intend to keep it, and you have a good local mechanic/garage then I'd use them instead as their prices will usually be far more reasonable.

In my experience round here, main dealers when doing the likes of a clutch replacement, will often take it to a local garage who'll do it cheaper and they will then still charge their customer main dealer prices for the work  

I was wondering what they do on a main dealer that dosent get done on a non dealership  one?? Any ideas?? My mean streak is leading me towards the garage up the road that looked after my old Peugeot for years. Love Lizzie

lizzie44 wrote:
I was wondering what they do on a main dealer that dosent get done on a non dealership  one?? Any ideas??

1. They charge you excessive amounts of money for the "name".
2. They have a "diagnostic computer" that they can plug your car into (but many smaller garages have the proper skills to diagnose problems instead).

That answer your question?  

Those computers are great our local Toy dealer had car in for brake problem up on cars screem so plugged in found several faults including computer fault so replaced the parts cost $2250 still not fixed workshop foreman (older machanic ) came over checked all the brakes at wheels found faulty senser left back cost $35 time 15min   Customer wouldn't pay for threir muck up    

i have frequently been disappointed with dealer car servicing, through my work i have used land rover, peugeot and nissan dealers for servicing, and have found faults that the dealers should have found , in all cases the faults resulted in an MoT failure. I would prefer to use loacl independant garages who have a good word of mouth reputation. they sre more keen for the custom and cheaper.
Though  i have to say that the lorry dealerships and the agricultural equipment dealers have been no problem.
chicken feed

after years of being ripped off and unhappy with the service from main dealers we decided to use a local guy to service our truck from new he always stamps the book his prices are way lower and the work is always done on time.

as for resale value our full service from a main dealer had no bearing when trading in  

Thanks chaps! Local guy it is then! Love Lizzie

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