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Daves bees are swarming now.

Daves bees are swarming right now and he's away in Conway. The other bee keeper in the village is out and his wife says that he's left his mobile phone at home. There's nothing that we can do about it.

Being the brave man that I am, I've sent Karen outside to take some pictures.

Where are the bee keepers when you want one?

Fantastic ! They are at their quiteist when swarming so don't worryabout getting stung

They will probably stay put for awhile before moving on. Wish I was closer. I'd love to collect a swarm ..not to keep just for the experience.

sandrar wrote:
Fantastic ! They are at their quietest when swarming so don't worryabout getting stung

They will probably stay put for awhile before moving on. Wish I was closer. I'd love to collect a swarm ..not to keep just for the experience.

  think I pressed quote instead of edit to correct a spelling mistake

The bees are quite happy 10 feet up in a hazel tree above Bella's field It's a good job that we had just moved Bella to graze in another field 10 minutes earlier or she would have thought that  1000's of bot flies had come to get her

awww poor thing. Bees usually settle close to the hive and stay there while scout bees well scout... fly around looking for somewhere more suitable. This maybe minutes or days.

We thought we might have a swarm at the weekend ..not one of ours, but several dozen bees were buzzing around our bait hive. My son was away so it was down to me if they did...unfortunately they didn't.

Your photos are super.

It must have been quite an experience. I wasn't ucky enough to see ours swarm.

If Dave catches them and rehives them by walking them into the hive do watch, it's fascinating.

His wife says that he wont be back until 10.00pm Our best bet is the local bee officer, he's the guy who forgot to take his mobile phone with him.

Looking forward to more photos and details  

Good luck

Don't know exactly where you are but you may be able to find a local contact on this list.

Alternatively try your local police they should know of a swarm collector. Of course they may want to take it away and not re-hive it with you / Dave.

Dave phoned to say that he couldn't get here this evening so Pete, the local Bee Officer (and an old friend of ours) arrived with his kit. Bodger was going to be 'the ladderman' and had to get suited up as well

I think that the bees were higher than they expected them to be

Pete went up the ladder with the skep first but soon decided that he should cut some foliage back first.

He carried on cutting.....

and cutting........and soon had a handful of bees

I didn't tell Bodger at this point that Pete was coming down the ladder with a swarm of bees clutched in his hand

A whisk of the hand and the bees were in the skep

A few more forays up the ladder for strays and the swarm was calming down in the skep

A good evenings work and a new hive of bees for Pete.
Finders Keepers

Brilliant    You're hooked now Bodger

Oh no I'm not


You must be hooked by now Bodger, they are so addictive, and just wait till you taste the honey...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I've felt the pain  I'll stick with chickens and pigs.

bet there was a time you said you'd never be hooked on chickens  

Nope I started to keep chickens forty seven years ago and have only ever had a few short breaks from them in all that time.

We had a swarm fly across the school field last week, sent kids scattering and screeching (you would think is was 'The Attack of The African Killer Bees' the way they were carrying on... )

Anyway, all they did was fly across the field and over the hedge the otherside...god knows where they ended up!  

  love the piccys!!!

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