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dartmoor pony sale

It was the Dartmoor Pony Drift and sale today.  Some foals were fortunately sold to good homes but most not - they will be shot on the farms that own them and go for zoo meat if homes cannot be found for them - well at least its better than being transported to Europe for meat maybe?  If you think you can help let me know and I'll pass on the email address of the Dartmoor Pony rescue centre - they even offer handling and gentling advice for the wild foals.  Its the Exmoor round up and Brendon Pony sale next Friday 21st.  I am dreading it.  Foals as young as three months will be taken away from their mothers and sold - usually for meat.  They mostly end up at the horse abattoir near Taunton.  You should see the poor terrified little things.  The exmoor pony is a pure bred breed (unlike most moorland ponies) and rarer than the giant panda but still this continues not that there is an excuse for any of them - The ponies are all owned by individual farms but no control is taken over their breeding

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