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Rick & Carol

dark beer advice please

We're going to have a crack at brewing our first beer soon. Favorite beer currently is Wychwood brewery's Hobgoblin. A lovely dark chocolaty beer. Any suggestions for a beer kit that might be somewhat similar please.

Nowt to do with Bodger, but Cooper's kits seem to fair reasonably well,
Also available from places other than Amazon...

I use BrewUK :

Good descriptions and reviews too. Sorry I can't advise on a Hobgoblin tastealike as I only make Woodfordes Wherry  

Hya Rick and Carol!

Yes, ''hobbo'--(hobgoblin)--is a firm favourite with me!
There's a wide range of Scottish ales, sold in Tesco's UK wide, ''old jock ale'', Macewan's ''champion''--(7.5%!)--and i don't know if you like stout, or oatmeal stout, but 'belhaven' also do an array of dark ales to stoutish type beers too, as well as the usual lagers and bitters.
I have just started a 'simply' beer kit this afternoon, called 'simply stout'.
The 'simply' range come in pouches or bags, containing all you need to make 40 pints of decent ale.
They do lager's, light ales, best bitters, dark ales and of course their stout range too.
Other notable beers would be woodfords wherry, skull cracker, brains, the innes&gunn range of oak barrel based beers, often ex-rum or whiskey barrels.....NICE!
I hope that's of use to you, there are many more out there to try, i'm doing my best to get around to them all!!

wilko do a good selection...

The 'Simply' range of beer's.

This is in reply to a comment i made on 18/12/2016.
I made a Richies Simply Stout on the above date.
I am very pleased with the result of this brew, and i will be conditioning it further out side in the garage from today.
I added a few extra fuggles dry hops, and crushed up some extra roasted barley, the taste is brilliant, with added strength due to reducing the 40 pints to 30.
I will defineately be buying this 'simply' range again, a bitter is next methinks!

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