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Dandelions: today's the day folks.

Good morning all.

Today is the 23rd of April or for us English it is St George's day. Which just so happens to be the traditional day to go out and collect the Dandelions to make a Dandelion spring tonic from.

I am just having a last cuppa before Oz and I head out for a morning walk along the banks river Yare and adjacent water meadows to pick dandelion flowers.

I have plans for Dandelion; Beer, Wine, Mead and Jelly................. see Y'all later

Enjoy your walk and dandelion tonic, Oh and St George's Day have a good one..

mind the beer now....ready very quickly and very fizzy.

Nice! Can I get your jelly recipe... ... I've been watching my little yellow friends growing like crazy around here and no recipe to entertain 'em with!

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