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Damn, damn, & thrice damn!

Got a call from OH this morning to tell me that her car had broken down on the way to work (Yep! The same one I lost a square foot of skin to getting it through its MOT last week!)

Anyway, she got the AA to recover it home, & it turns out the timing belt's snapped due to the plastic tensioner failing  

Fun & games this evening getting the rocker covers off & checking the valves.....................the good news is it looks as though the engine's escaped serious damage, so we might get away with a belt & tensioner change.

Blinking hope so! I've had enough of being the owner/propriator of 'Kerbside Motors'  

Hope it gets sorted without too much expense and too much skin loss/bad language.  

Aye, (bruised, skinned & scraped) finger's crossed! Thanks MrsWW  

Hopefully a fairly simple fix, & no engine damage. The valves all seem to cycle ok in their guides, so with any luck they stayed away from the pistons!!!

Yep, fingers crossed eh?  

Car still sitting on the drive, as I've not had a chance to get near it this week. Jo needs a car for work, so we bit the bullet & decided to get her a replacement. She (finally!) decided on a wee Fiat Punto in black. Nice wee car, very low miles, & at the right money too  

We'll pick it up for her early next week  

That takes the pressure off me to get the Fabia repaired, so I can take my time & stretch the job out, rather than rushing to get it back on the road. Then it'll be up for sale....................'Never mind that wee rattle from the engine, Sir. They all do that. Here, see how loud the stereo is?'  

Don' forget to kick the tyres.

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