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Dave C

Dam Incubator !!!!

Every year one of us seems to have a bad time with their incubator.
We this season it's me.

Got a Brinsea Octagon 20 and pushed the boat out & got the advanced with the digital display.
It was more than I wanted to pay but thought oh well it will last me a good while and it was 60 less than anywhere else I found.
Set it up last Wednesday, eggs got set Thursday & all was well.
Sunday morning at 5am it sounded like a strimmer going off in the kitchen, went down to the fan hardly turning and screaming like a motorbike.

Long story short, had to buy another Incy from a different supplier, went for the Eco without digital display.

My eggs went about 9 hours without the fan, the temp & humidity were all over the place, so I will know more tomorrow night when I candle them if I have anything left.

Of course I have important eggs from all over the UK in there, typical.

Best of luck Dave, you never know, they might be alright.
Dave C

Thanks mate I just hope the eggs have been on the cool side rather than hot, as the temp display was all over the place.

I'm thinking the hotter air would rise to the top, leaving the eggs slightly cooler and that would be much better for them.
Dave C

Will be candling tonight so fingers crossed.
Dave C

Candled the eggs when we came back from the pub last night (maybe not the best time)  

Well it doesn't look good, the 12 Ixworth X Hubbards all look clear, checked about 3 of the 12 IG and they seem full, so that's something.

But the biggest shock is the 6 Blue laced Wyndotte bantam egg that I got for the wife all seem clear and they are in my little reliable Incy  
I wouldn't care they were 35 for 6 eggs  
My IG were 8 for 12 eggs, women and their expensive tastes  

Will candle them all tonight with a clear head, ha

And to think that my Ancona eggs would have cost you nowt.
Dave C

bodger wrote:
And to think that my Ancona eggs would have cost you nowt.

Dave C

Well I'm down from 30 to 11 eggs 😩

Good luck with the rest
Yorkshire Geordie

Dave C wrote:
Well I'm down from 30 to 11 eggs 😩

That, Dave, shows that "it's best not to count your eggs before they're hatched"

Good luck, as Horace says, with the remainder.  

Dave C

Thanks Lads

I've emailed the lady about the Wyndotte eggs
So will be interesting to see if she sends some more out.
Dave C

The lady sent 6 more Wyndotte eggs so will be candling them this weekend.

As expected I'm Not having the best hatch with the remaining 11 IG eggs.
They were due yesterday but I thought they may hatch late with the Incy problems I had.

So far 4 hatched, I had to help 1 out and it now looks like it has a deformed leg so that's why.
Nothing from any of the other eggs.
Think I'll leave them for a few more hours then do the water test.
Dave C

Just ended with the 3

From an original 30  

That's grim Dave.

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