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Dave C

Daffodil dilemma

I want to extend one of my flower beds
The land is currently a rough corner of the lawn but it holds loads of daffodil bulbs in it, which are really nice in the spring.

How do I dig up the lawn without disturbing the bulbs ?

Also have I left it to late, will they be slowly growing yet ?

Just deturf the lawn and the bulbs ought to be below the level of the grass roots.
They won't mind being disturbed anyway. Indeed they flower better when they aren't crowded so it's often a good idea to lift and seperate and replant the extras.

Dave C

Well I dug up the messy corner with daffodils & got rid of most of the nettles

Sorted the weeds & planted up some perennials, which are coming away nicely this spring, couldn't resist putting in a few veg ( as I have veg all over my land ha ) and will be putting in a bit more bedding.

I have put in wood edging as I'm not much of a gardener, hopefully this will make it easier to manage.

What you think ?
Yorkshire Geordie

I see why you prefer that set up to Teeside, but that shed's "ower smaall", like?  

Dave C

Yeh I'm no lover of Teeside Martin other than when I need to work there.

I'm a country lad & its Teesdale & Weardale I love.
The Wendy house is from when the kids were little, I want to swop it for a Greenhouse but Mrs C is having none of it  

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