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Cut flowers

One of our boys bought this bouquet at the beginning of the week (not for Valentines ) and it has stayed in our conservatory rather than going home with them

The scent from the lilies is wonderful and will prbably tempt me to buy further cut flowers when these are finished.


I love fresh flowers especially in  the gloomy months. My husband often  brings me a "no particular reason just because" bunch if he's been out shopping, and it's always a nice suprise.  

I to think flowers brighten up a room in the winter months, we nearly always have a vase of cut flowers on the dinning room table  

The last time I thought I would suprize the OH with a bouquet, and a rather large bouguet at that, all she said was........ have you brought another piece of blodoy machinery.

So now she gets to buy all the flowers in our house and I get to buy all the machinery, she gets to throw her flowers away after a week and I get to keep my machinery for years .

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