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cut a hedge safely

use a cherry picker and get a nice flat top finish

we are taking upto 9ft off the big hedge never been touched in 15 years

That's some hedge! :smt103

free fire wood!

Nice job, Jim and nice to see you are still getting to use the Landy you sold the boss!

More to the point, were there any fish in the little pool ?

Wow, that's some place you got there Jim. Cost you much? ::

i stocked the pond in march
4 tench green and golden
6 chub
4 silver bream
8 gudgeon
2 ghost carp
6 goldfish
lots of minnows and sticklebacks
oh and 6 blue orfe
The carp are about 12 inches already. nothing is fed they forage naturally i suppose it could have held more but i dont want to upset the natural balance of the pond as it keeps itself pretty clear at the moment :-)
The place should well be mine for the amount of time im upthere and yes good to get the old landy out again even though she has a new owner

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