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Curses !

I missed a fox in my new fox trap last night

There are two triggering mechanisms with this trap. You can either use it with a treadle sytem, where the fox treads on the treadle and sets the trap off, or you can have it so that the fox pulls at the bait.

Two nights ago I set it up with the latter system. I used one of the Ancona hens that a fox got a few weeks ago. Karen was extremely pleased to see it disappear from its resting place in the family freezer.

The bait was placed right at the back of the trap but this morning, I saw that the trap had gone off but that it was empty and on closer inspection. I'm not sure how, but the fox had almost been able to drag the bait out before activating the trap.

The traps door had most probably dropped onto the fox and it looks as though it  was able to back out before the trap completely closed.

It no doubt got a bit of a fright and I'm worried that he wont make the same mistake twice. I'll set the trap again tonight but use the treadle system. Fingers crossed but I'm not overly confident. Lets just hope that the fox is.

You can see in this last photo just how close foxy was able to get the bait towards the trap entrance before it went off.

I never had this problem with my old home made one but then Bella the old coloured horse sat on that.

Good luck

Bad news that John, trap needs a bit of tweaking and fine setting  ?  he will be shy now .

been having probs logging onto the site, with IE so just tried google chrome   straight in  ?

good luck on the fox

No luck the first night and we were away last night so I didn't set it but its set for the night. I thought that he'd be spooked and wary.

I've got myself a nibbler !  The fox that I missed the other night, or possibly another one, is still mooching around my fox trap, so tonight I'm putting out the trail cam to see what the culprit is. I might not catch the fox but I should at least be able to capture some pictures.

I've been thinking of getting a trail cam but the number available is mind blowing.  
Which one have you got John and are you happy with it re. reliability, picture quality, etc. ?

I have a Bushell trail cam but its the only one that I've ever had, so I've nothing to compare it with but I'm happy with it. There's probably better.

This is yours truly checking the fox trap at quarter past seven this morning.

But a few hours earlier while I was sound a sleep we did have a visitor.

I'll get another full feathered chicken out of the freezer today and see if I can tempt him with that.  

Stop press news !      

I've just safely released one blue cat that's eaten half of the bait.    

Oh well.

Hey, at least the fox didn't get the moggie !



I'm pretty sure that I've caught this little beggar twice now. Its an unusual colour so I'm sure that its the same one.
The first time I got it, it was only a tiddly kitten and it was spitting angry but its grown a bit now and quite frankly, last night  it didn't seem to give a toss about being in the trap.

it had food so why worry it though.
Dave C

Some of the foxes round here and on the shoot have been caught in the city's and release, so have seen traps before.
It makes them easy to lamp though  


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