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Curse you Rattus fuscipes

I would have preferred my already meagre pumpkin crop to ripen on the vine a bit longer but the burrowing native bush rat has forced my hand.

There are another five or six which I will protect with chicken netting.

Aww noooo!      

When we had an allotment back in the UK, I was growing a giant pumpkin for Halloween, our lad was only young then. One day we went up and someone had stolen it!! I never went back up there again :(

I have however discovered since living in NZ that you can actually eat pumpkin and it's sole purpose is not to have a face carved in it!

Blimey, they must have a right set of chompers on them. You wouldn't want one of those gnawing on your skirting boards.

There must have been loads of them bodger eh, A coach trip maybe or Rat au Van!  

Crickey....and I thought I'd got problems with "mice"...kinda puts things into prospective  

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