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Curry Site

Someone reccomended this site to me, and it's fantastic.  If you like good curry, join here and take advantage of some of the awesom recipes.  I've just this minute finished making a massive pot of tarka dall and loads of masala gravy to freeze for future use.  Tomorrow is curry night in our house, tarka dall, lamb karahi and chicken danzak

There truly are some stunners on there

I made a chicken tarka last night, mate.............................

It's like chicken tikka, but a little otter

Love curry. Thanks for the heads up

Well, I can thoroughly reccomend the danzak and the dall.  The danzak was easily the best curry I've ever made, truly stunning. It was really enjoyable to make as well as ir tequired making up a batch of generic curry gravy and masala spice mix.  I've now got a big jar of spice mix and a freezer full of frozen blocks of the gravy for my next spicy forays.

Dopiaza next methinks......

The only ingredient I'm missing are fenugreek leaves, I reckon I'll have to have a trip over to bradford next week and stock up.

Also, I had a bit of a blond moment when making up the spice mix, couldn't find a tablespoon for measuring out and somehow managed to convince myself that three desert spoons equated to a tablespoon  I now have enough masala mix to last me a very, very long time!

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