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Curry .....From scratch

Does anyone have any really authentic Indian recipes, I am looking for two in fact. First a tomato/onion type dish that I can vary the meat for, and the other a vegetarian dish, both to be milder or at most a medium heat.

Thanks in advance...........

This is a very good site with excellent recipes

Agree there.
Mamta's site is great and you could say that "if" she doesn't know (very rare), she knows someone who does and there's a great link if you want to buy a Tandoori oven.

I would definitely recommend Madhur Jaffrey.   Her sour chickpeas are tomato and onion based, and you could substitute chicken or something quite quick cooking for the chickpeas.  This is her recipe :

She also does a lovely bean curry which I do for veggies :

She is a great recipe writer, never goes wrong if you do what she says, but easily adaptable. I have her Curry Bible and it is fantastic.  

Being a bit of a curry fiend, I have  several cury books including a Madhur Jaffrey. There are some truly delicious recipes for curry around. I remember being quite suprised at there not being any curry houses to be sen in upstate New York when we visited. If you want a good curry recipe book posting to you, then just say the word.

Thank you all....I knew I would get great replies here....will let you know the results!!

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