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Yesterday, Karen picked the first cucumber of the season from our polytunnel. In the last few years I've really had good luck with them and some how, I seem to have developed the knack of growing them. They obviously thrive on good luck and ignorance. In the meantime, we're a million miles away from getting our first tomato. How are you doing?

No cukes DD's dismay. Tomatoes have only just been planted . Peas and beans are growing, but the strangest thing is happening ... The sparrows and starlings have taken a likin to the peas and keep trying to pull full plants out of the ground ... poor plants have taken a real beating this year. ...but they're blooming like crazy!! Pods everywhere! All the squash has been enjoyed by some critter or other. Nice to know the critters fancy home grown food as much as we do!

Tomatoes have some fruit set but are a way off ripe. My cucumbers have been very slow this year, they are only just getting going. Don't know why    Hope they catch up as I am on the last jar of last years sweet pickled cu's.   Been picking some fantastic Romaine lettuce (Cos or London lettuce as they used to be known years back   ) from the polytunnel.  

Sun would help everything. Cucumbers are sulky blighters and probably best grown with not too much care and attention as it'll only make them worse.

Well done there bodger!

Karen picked the cucumber plants up from the garden centre and much to my dismay got two different varieties of mini cumbers but thankfully, they're looking fine.

We have cabbage, lettuce,silverbeet,collys now about to plant more seeds forgot Garlic is in too.

Only one of my cucumbers from seed actually came and it's struggling. I have a few more coming from a later sowing but they are still babies.

I lost over half of my tomatoes to a cold snap - in the greenhouse! But one of the survivors has just set a few tommies. Again, I have a later sowing that's catching up.

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