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Cuckoo Marans - traditional English Clean leg type

I shall rummage around for some piccies - its a snowy day so its nice to be indoors - Ok lets start with the sort of eggs one should be expecting.  If your birds don't produce this sort of colour on a regular basis, then it may be best to start again with a better strain, or buy a pure bred cockerel from a known source which will have been hatched from much darker egg

Here is a tray of eggs in the snow - snowy but very dark dull day here - and I think we are due a lot more snow yet

They are supposed to be a dual purpose utility bird, so choose a male with a good wide and long breast for more breast meat.  The wider apart the legs, the more room for meat

This young lad is a little more silvery especially in the neck, which will give better cuckooing to the pullets which as you can see in my line are darker than the general show birds, because selection for egg colour over feather colour is my priority

Five girls and he has still got his eye on the broody in the cage above

Here are a couple of pullets, again a bit dark but good roomy birds

And finally some really nice dark eggs against the official Marans Egg Colour Chart as you can see the darkest egg is a 9 which is excellent - don't expect these everyday, but they are lovely when you do get them    These colours are used to hatch any cockerels, though the darker the egg, the more tricky it is to hatch off - at least that is my experience

Dave C

This is one of yours Sue, hatched out last spring.

She lays beauty dark eggs  


She does look rather pleased with herself doesn't she !  

Nice looking cockerel there too  


thanks for putting these pics up sue

Gorgeous eggs!

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