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Crufts ?

I've been watching a little bit of the Crufts coverage and it infuriates me to see what the KC are doing and have done to pedigree dog breeds. It reminded of watching the fake wrestling on TV. That American Cocker that won the gun dog class last night ?  

There are too many handbag dogs nowadays  

Yep I would like to see it work a bramble patch!

How can people who so warp any animal, like some of those poor creatures, claim to be dog lovers ?

Good natured, biddable, healthy and fit ought to always come before looks.

Teacup dogs ? Handbag dogs ? ye gods but it couldn't even hunt a mouse!

Many years ago my big brother dated a vet. The tale came of a very small dog that was left to recover in the kitchen of a pair of vet friends while everyone went out to the pub for a few hours.
They came home to find the dog missing, but the vets two cats playing with a wee skull.

They said all those years ago that it was getting utterly ridiculous; doesn't seem like much has improved for some breeds, does it ?

I'd love a Maine Coon cat, but I'm happy with a good natured, capable and healthy moggie
Growing up our dogs were usually collies….usually ones that came from farmers who had cherry picked out the best of them for all day on the hill sheepdogs. Nowt wrong with the rest, just maybe not quite so quick, sharp and smart as the one he kept. Certainly very healthy though; the farmer would have put down any that weren't 'right'.
I think breeders make so much for each pup now that they hang onto animals that really ought not be kept in the gene pool.


Can't stand Crufts - just an excuse for cruelty in my opinion. The same goes for all 'vanity' showing of animals. The fields round here are full of section A ponies which have been pretty much abandoned by their pot-hunting owners because they've not come up to scratch or are beyond their showing life, yet the local rag will be full of photos of their grinning owner holding cups and rosettes come Royal Welsh Show time.  No one sees the ponies up to their hocks in flooded fields all Winter, or hears the calls from locals for them to be given some hay.  How many times have we seen the cruelty inflicted by Crufts exhibitors or seen the squalid conditions in puppy farms?  And don't get me started on the kennel club breed standards that inflict such physical suffering on dogs that can't breathe properly or whose legs can't support their own weight.........
Dave C

I hate crufts with a passion but tape it each year so I can hurl abuse at the TV.

Saw the pathetic show of Terriers the other night

And just don't get me started on my beloved Gundogs.
When the guy said the American cocker has a long flowing coat to protect it from the thick cover   I started throwing things at the telly.

And my god the Labradors, heads like Rottweilers, spines like Frenchmen and very very poor movement on the back end  

That bdooly stupid thing won!

Its nice to see that we aren't alone in holding the opinions that we do.

The defence of their corrupt and harmful organisation by the Crufts spokesperson is a joke and its also  very telling that the RSPCA have seized on the really salient point of this matter. Instead of speaking about the deformities that are being bred into pedigree dogs so that rosettes can be won, they've chosen to voice concerns about how the dogs leads are being held.

olde9856 wrote:
That bdooly stupid thing won!

I love the headline in the Mail Online:

"'That's not a gundog, it's a pompous fancy thing"

Crufts was not on television here so I watched what I could on their YouTube channel, but to me it seemed obvious that the judge was going to choose that fancy shmancy  "dog" from the start of the final.

I liked the GBGV because it just looked happy to be there.

I too hate it, but like Dave C watch it every year then moan about it.
Every year my choice of winner doesn't make it but I suppose it may be a good thing as I tend to pick a sensible, old working breed, which if they won may well ruin them with their new found popularity.  

How can you resist?

Mandie @
Dave C

The way they breed Guini pigs these days
It's a disgrace  

mandie wrote:

How can you resist?


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