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Crown top bottle top putter on'errer ?

Do our brewers think that this is a suitable bit of kit?

Hopefully, it will be needed to cap a few thousand bottles a year, in lots of possibly two or three hundred at a time.

Is there anything out there that might do the job better?

If the orange body work is plastic, I wonder how robust it will prove for the volume of cappings you are suggesting?

It does look plastic Phil. Thats a good point.  Can anyone find something a bit more robust for me?

We have our eye on this one but pics on site arent that great. Apparantly it does corks as well as caps. Haven't come accross anyone yet that has used it to give feedback either etc. Dont like buying blind so we are prevaricating. If you google italian / portugese capper corker there are better images to look at. dream machine but way out of our league...

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