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Crown Knot

Crown Knot
By changing the initial layout and colors of the 2 cords- parallel or crossing

and by crowning to the left or right or a left, right sequence you can get a pleasing variety of small zipper pulls/key ring fobs.


Those are neat Tony

I never thought of calling them a crown knot…..I make them by a kind of four part plaiting to use as points on medieval style clothing.
Good to know what I'm supposed to call them though.

Very similar designs are made by fingerwalking/loop braids.

I had been making these using my own naturally dyed and spun linen cordage. Then I found a link to a document in the national museum in Denmark. It is the Danish copy of James V1 of Scotland's marriage to Anne, daughter of the King of Denmark….and every noble and burgh seal attached to the document is fastened through the velum using the same coloured and patterned designs

Pinterest has masses of cordages like this though.


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