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Crop Rotation.

Not exactly the medieval three field crop rotation system but here's our version of it.
We keep our pigs outdoors behind electric fencing on long thin strips of land. These GOS pigs were born back in July and should be ready for the butcher in January.
As long as the weather is suitable, as soon as they've gone, the electric fencing will be taken down and the ark moved.
Then the old grey Fergi will be fired up and the land prepared for the planting of potatoes or some other similar crop such as turnips or possibly pumpkins.
In this way, the pigs get to live as natural a life as possible and sections of our land get freshened up each year. The liberal sprinkling of pig poop that the pigs provide usually mean that we get pretty good crops that both the pigs and ourselves can sample and the other bonus is that we don't have to apply any artificial fertilizers. The even bigger bonus, is that I get to play at being a farmer.

Of course, this is a rather idyllic scenario that I've painted and in reality. the Fergi hasn't started up for ages.

She,s a Fergie  she will start

That is perfect easy farming. We have grass come in from lawn mowing contractors to feed our cattle but there is far to much jusr now so each day I use heavy harrows and David Brown  to move/spread muck and uneaten grass around which does the same as you but we don't do any working up just spread seeds when harrowing.

I'm Sure your Fergie will go  

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