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Crested Ducks & Drakes Worcestershire

Hi All - I have some spares this year, so if anyone is interested take a look at  

They are from spring hatches so although pretty well full size are still in "muftie"

They are lovely ducks to keep and don't cause too much garden damage but are excellent for slug clearance,  Don't need a pond as long as they have deep enough water to wash their eyes.  Mine lay from around Feb to July and once they get going its pretty well one a day.  The eggs are lovely large ivory white ones.

They are not too quacky, and make a good eating duck - there was not much less meat on them than on the much larger Cayugas I kept last year.

Also the drakes are not rapists, and they can be kept as a pair or trio
PM me for "mates rates" if interested.

I saw them the other week and they're super ducks.
chicken feed

must get my eyes retested i read that as castrated ducks, i keep getting told i need new glasses  

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