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Crested Apricot Ducks

This is one of my drakes

They are a nice breed to keep.  

Good layers of very nice ivory white large eggs in the season - Feb to autumn  Females are good broodies and mothers if allowed.  Drakes not rapists.

Good slug eaters, but small enough to be not too hard on the garden.
Large enough to make a good tasty meal of any spares.  Did a taste/meat to size test last year, and these came out on top.  Good meat, plenty of tender and tasty breast meat as well

I have kept quite a few types of duck over the years and this is my final preferred all rounder  

They look beautiful and sound practical.  

We have kept pekins and muscovies here before but at the moment we only have geese.

Lovely   & practical.

Yes - duck stirfry last night with celariac onion romanesco and carrots.  Delish.....

They should be laying soon, and I shall have hatching eggs if anyone is interested see  there is info on there about the cresting gene and a bit about their history plus some more piccies  

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