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Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar Cockerel
This one is young still - tail is not fully developed, comb slightly more over than it should be, and a little redness showing in the earlobe which should be pure white, he has very muddy feet and legs, but under that they are the required yellow

His brother a few weeks older (still muddy legs - what a surprise)  - his comb is more erect, but still not fully developed

Close up of pullets head - the neck feathering appears more silvery in the photo than it actually is - the colour should be (and is) cream, there is a little pink in the earlobe, but this may disappear when she comes into lay

Cock and Hens - the cockerels comb is more "flopped over" than it should be, but otherwise nicely to standard though slightly smaller than called for


Thanks for the photos. I only have one Cream Legbar pullet from a 2012 hatch all the rest were males. I think she is a good example re colouring- she still has to come into lay.

I hesitated on keeping a cockerel but all had 'twisted combs' although good feathering with little russet showing and so I wasn't sure.

Maybe I'll try agian with eggs this year.

I am trying for a straighter comb without taking my eye off egg colour.  Let me know when yours come into lay?

I don't mind the comb flopping a bit, but I am trying to avoid that extreme 's' shaped twist at the front which almost all of them seem to have.  I think it is the result of a fairly recent introduction of Araucana blood - particularly in the Wernlas lines - probably done to boost the egg colour after crossing in with Brown Leghorns which is maybe where all that ginger got in.

I am not worrying about my line being slightly smaller than called for, as once the hens are mature they mainly lay an 60grm plus egg, which is what I am more interested in.  I think someone somewhere has added Cuckoo Marans blood to try and increase the size of the birds, but of course that means a greener egg.

Although olive and green are accepted egg colours according to the standard I am trying for as blue an egg as possible.  Mine are running at blue with a hint of turquoise and some slightly more powder blue which is my goal  

This is a photo of a pure Cuckoo Marans cockerel over a commercial blue egg laying hybrid.  A bit more work on the comb by adding Aracuana, and I reckon someone could pass his offspring off as a nice CLB  

I think that lovely blue eggs is worth the effort.

@ DBE the Cream Legbar pullet has come into lay at 27 weeks. So far she has laid 2 eggs on alternate days, each weighing 45g. I think the colour is good, quite dark/matt and blue rather than green, not having more than one hen to compare the eggs with it's not easy to tell.

As soon as I am mobile again, I'll take a photo of the bird and eggs. I'd appreciate your opinion. It's not a breed I had planned to continue with but now I am very tempted to do so.

I will be interested to see the piccies.  I suspect you will find that blue eggs are very tricky to photo     You can buy a colour chart from the Aracuana Club which has colour graded blues and greens, which can be very useful

I like my Cream Legbars - I find them good layers, not big eaters and if you are careful how you breed then they are not all that flighty (the first birds I got were jet-propelled!)

Plus the eggs make a nice contrast to my dark brown Marans eggs, which was the original intention

My lastest trial is with my Appenzeller Spitzhauben and I am liking those very much .  An egg a day from each almost without fail, and lovely quality eggs too - a really nice feeling ivory white - lovely eating qualities to the eggs also.

Again small birds so very economical to feed - got to be an important factor at present.  I tried taking some piccies yesterday - if they have come out ok I shall post some.  

Hi sue. What can you tell me about the commercial blue egg layers that you mentioned in your post?

I have a Marans keeper friend who had a friend who hatched a lot of blue egg layers for the commercial producers.  The first chap had half a doz pullets from the second chap about 4 or 5 years ago.  He said they were excellent layers of large blue eggs, and put a Marans Cockerel over them and I had a few eggs hoping for a  green egg layer.  I only got one chick which was the cockerel in the photo

I have asked if I could have some pullets from the original supplier, but apparently he and his wife have split up (he was spending too much time with his birds ) and he has had to part with all his stock, so unfortunately there are no more available.

First mentioned friend has been unwell and parted with all his large birds bar some Marans, so I can't get any blue eggs from him either, and in any case they were hybirds so I wouldn't have been able to breed them on.

I am crossing that cockerel back over some of my Cream Legbars so egg size should be increased, but as he is a Marans cross there may be some tinted eggs, and any blue eggs will tend to be greenish blue.

Long and involved story but I think you get the picture.

Unfortunately, I was never able to find out much about the birds in this link. They seemed to really do the business.


there is a chap not far from me who has the waiterose contract for blue eggs he calls them Fenton Blues i'm sure its Fenton Farm. at least i think thats right!

I've heard of them, I'm sure that they have a website.
budgie found it!!

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