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Cracking Day Out

Just coming in to say how chuffed I am

For the last few years we have has an absolutely dire show of mackerel but yesterday has both made the winter a bit easier and restored my faith in fishing. 48 large juicy, fighting mackerel got brought home last night, on top of 18/12/4/2/23 and 2 on previous days this season, all of which either got given away to family or traded for some venison from the inlaws. Cleaned and in the freezer awaiting smoking etc in the near future when work and weather permits just waiting for the wind to settle so we can get out again and fill the bucket at least twice more to last us the winter. Thinking about heading out for some pollock on the turn of the tide today, wish me luck.

fantastic that is so well done every reason to be  


Thanks! I am so proud we eat a lot of fish so it's nice to know I won't have to buy much in over the winter. Hoping fir some nice tasty pollock but never shore fished for them before so we'll see how that goes    I'll try and remember to take the camera for that lol

  Great stuff, well done!

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