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Crab snaring...

Went to the pier at Hanalei Bay this morning. Fish weren't biting so tried out a new toy, a crab snare.

Small wire cage with snare loops, weighted, baited and cast out with a rod. Once you feel crabs feeding, you're supposed to reel it in with a steady pull. Any undersized crabs can simply be let go.

Picture of the crab snare.

This was the smallest crab snare I could find with only four loops. Had lots of bites and riders on the cage pulling it up. Once they hit the water surface they let go. The crab snare sort-of works. Caught one small white crab and one Kona crab.  Put a couple more loops on it using some 50# floro leader material to see if it helps on the hook ups.

Small white crab aka "haole" crab.  They also call the visitors to the island haoles (how-leehs).

Kona crab. Supposed to be delicious but they're out of season May-August.

Hanalei Bay where I was fishing.

Rain moving in. Poured to beat the band for an hour and was concerned they'd shut the road down crossing the Hanalei River. They do it frequently when it hits a certain level.

My daughter's boyfriend managed to snag this killer 7-11 crab the other day while I wasn't catching any fish. Surprised how much meat it yielded for an appetizer. Need to get some more of those...


It certainly loks like a nice spot where you were

Now thats a crab worth catching.

We can catch live edible crabs at low tide on the rocks here.

The fishing spot looks nice and the crabs very tasty particular the 7-11 crab that looks like the delicously large north-sea crab.

Never heard of crab snaring, we catch crabs just with a piece of fish on a string In the old days when we used to set nets, we caught them too and although they made a mess of the nets we were never sad to have a few big crabs as a bonus!

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