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Couple's green lifestyle cuts gas bill to £2 a month

This is something that I would love to be able to do once I get onto the property ladder

We do some of it but depends where you live and the lifestyle. We use coal/wood range for hot water,cooking and heating plus a log burner. grow lots,milk cow raise beef so then we need fridgeand freezers so power cost to do that is $$$$$$$$+ so not on electric/hybrid cars ok if you don't need to tow trailers as they can't. What if you have no public transport. I think it is great to make things cheap as but as they said they are slaves to their system we live life to the full but  everyone to their own. I want go into the cost to the planet to make so of those things    Just for the record we not into globle warming thing but into living cheaply   would love to cut power to $4

We are ahead of Austraila time wise so tomorrow is safe and a great day too  

Same here.  Most food isn;t too much of an issue but we are also hoping to buid a totally off grid house.  our land has a spring so thats a start and ten acres of wood is also helpful - the west lynn will hopefully help with some hydro power.  Anyway, lots of plans...its our dream.  hats off to that couple for what they are doing.

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