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couple hours out

Took the fat boy out this morning trying to give him as much experience as I can marking before season ends. Can't believe how quick he is picking it up for an old dog.
Working him on a lead is getting easier too as we get the hang of it. Pretty soon now as his marking is getting solid I will start to try him off and hopefully he will know his mission is to mark. He gave me a good mark this morning

He knows now when ferret goes in its rabbit out so starts getting bit hyper. If I can stop him stuffing his head in the holes and messing nets up I can let him lose and do his own thing but that won't be no easy task.
I spotted the rabbit sneaking out into a net under the cover nicely pursed but threw self back down the hole. The cocker was straight there and whipped him out. Really enjoyable couple of hours


By the looks of pic 3, someone has just found his dinner!

Yep all prepped in the fridge

Dinner sorted terry. Keep him at it. Nice one.

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