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Dave C

Country Strife: Abz on the Farm

Did anyone see the first part on Sunday evening on BBC 2 ?

Is this guy for real ?????????

Wasn't it dreadful! Some people amaze me with their stupidity
Yorkshire Geordie

Gladly, I missed the first installment of the three, so I think I will be missing the next two too.  

The Guardian explains it thus, "Abz hasnít really grown up at all yet. Heís still a boy,
and a bit of an idiot, but a lovable one, and dead funny.

Rick & Carol

recorded it, but not watched it yet - is it really that poor
Dave C

Your in for a treat, ha

He's that thick I thought he was putting it on ha ha
Rick & Carol

Well I watched it last night! †Everything above is right of course - but.. We hooted at him having sheep worrying explained to him & the lone cockerel purchased to get the dogs used to livestock in the kitchen. † †He reminds me of Sly Stallones Rocky character after he gets paid for the first fight and trots off to view a house. " Wow nice steps, nice floor. We should buy this house before someone else does."

Viewed as comedy we haven't giggled so much in ages - I can't wait for the next episode, in fact I might invite a few of the local boys round for a beer & Abz evening † †

I've not heard of this one but from what folks have said, it doesn't sound as though I'm missing much.
Dave C

No you Gota watch it John you won't believe what your hearing  
Rick & Carol

episode two tonight - I can't wait - I know it's not nice to mock but    

I can't quite work out where he is but it's obviously quite close to me in Ceredigion, perhaps I'll bump into them  

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