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Country File tonight.

Tonights Country File (7.00pm on BBC1) is part presented and directed by HRH The Prince of Wales. With the exception of his much publicised tree hugging period, he's someone that I have a lot of time for and  He certainly talks a lot od sense, particularly for an inbred.  The programme should be well worth watching, see what you think.


I thought it was pretty good and I enjoyed watching it.

i have been mole trapping up Kate Humbles farm these past week  

hopefullbry wrote:
i have been mole trapping up Kate Humbles farm these past week  

Dont let Chickenstu find out..........he will be begging to be your apprentice  

Well worth watching nice to see himself mucking in

Hope it comes here as you said he talks/does a lot of good but very quietly most of the time.

Thought it was a good programme.  Ilike him - I think he's a nice man who cares about the countryside, and although he gets slated a bit for what he says, at least he's got the balls to actually say what he beleives.

Good program,enjoyed watching and listening.....

i loathe Kate Humble

enjoyed the show, make do and mend coat was great, next time my shredded coat is hung next to one of those 500 pound jobbies in the beaters truck i'll just mention Charlie ;)

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